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Children's House

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Casa de Bambini means "house of the children" in Italian, and was the term that Dr. Montessori originally used. We call this special environment "The Children's House".  This perfectly describes this space that is designed like a small house for children who are encouraged to be resourceful, respectful and responsible. Children, ages 3 through 6, preschool through kindergarten, are invited to work with the Montessori curriculum in a Christian context. Trained teachers give beautiful lessons on a daily basis to help children grow in independence and abilities. The indoor environment has distinct areas of learning:

  • Mathematics

  • Language Arts

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Science

  • History

  • Geography

  • Fine Arts

  • Faith


Mornings in our Children's House involve an uninterrupted work time where children move freely from one presentation to another. At noon, they will eat lunch where grace and manners are emphasized. Then, they will have a quiet siesta where stories will be read to them. Afternoons are spent in the outdoor environment or our indoor play space. Older children will receive enrichment lessons in language and mathematics, learning extensions of the kinesthetic materials. This enables the child to enjoy and explore the world, completely understand various operations which result in math and language concepts being easily attainable.

Enjoy this video below of "Jackson" who is working in a similar "Children's House"! Delightful!

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