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E1 & E2 

Our 3-Day Homeschool Academy – The BEST of both worlds. We intentionally have married two educational models together in homeschooling and academy to provide a unique educational mix. Allowing children to be in a consistent classroom for 83 days of school and home with parents for approximately 100 days, this program has proven results and rewards. Our homeschooling partnership offers unique learning environments for multi-ages of children, in a one-room schoolhouse style setting. Each Learning Environment houses specialized learning materials maintained by trained teachers and assistants who guide the children through discovery and hands-on learning practices, along with grace with courtesy and practical life. Each room has materials which teach core subjects of faith, language, and mathematics; cultural subjects of history, geography and science. The Elementary environments also offer specialist subjects such as Music, Art & Physical Education.

E1 means Lower Elementary for 6-9 years old

E2 means Upper Elementary for 9-12 years old

Our 4.5-Day Private Academy – We incorporate BEST practices. With the Montessori method, materials and manners as our leading compass and roadmap, we continue to look for today’s constructivist practices that can be incorporated to create an atmosphere of relevance and excellence for our students. Students have purposeful work today and are prepared for tomorrow. 


Hand In Hand also emphasizes these Montessori pedagogical principles that ensure a deeper kind of academic learning (according to Maren Schmidt, M.Ed in her book Understanding Montessori, p.35),

  • Knowledge of human tendencies

  • Awareness of sensitive periods

  • Special prepared environments

  • Limitations of materials

  • Teacher is link between child and environment

  • Freedom of choice within boundaries

  • Auto-education and self-construction

  • Whole to parts; concrete to abstract

  • Working with hand “to touch is to know”

  • Isolating the difficulty

  • Observation of child at work

  • Repetition through variety

  • Indirect preparedness of responsibility, respect and resourcefulness

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