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About Us

Who are we?


We are HAND IN HAND CHRISTIAN MONTESSORI! We are one of the largest Christian Montessori communities in the USA with over 400 active learners.  We are one Academy, (a 501c3, non-profit organization) with four campuses - Central (Roseville); South (Bloomington); West (Wayzata) and a Virtual Campus as well. 

What do all the words in our name mean?


Christian =  We are Christ-followers and love is the most important thing. We love because He first loved us. We are non-denominational, Gospel-centered, Christian community that believes "in the essentials - unity; in the non-essentials - liberty; and in all things - charity." We stand on Ephesians 1 as our theological posture. 

Montessori =  We offer an educational method that is based on observation with respect for children as active learners, prepared environments and trained teacher guides. Choice and control are paramount in the process as we focus on respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. Montessori is the name derived from the founder of the method and materials - Dr. Maria Montessori.

Hand In Hand = We believe that that Jesus took children seriously and called them to Himself, placed His HANDs on them and blessed them, and said the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to those who were like children. We believe that true learning occurs when the child can do things for himself/herself and have the activities in HAND along with freedom and boundaries, and an open work cycle. The HAND is the chief teacher of the child. We believe that parents are an essential part of education and should be encouraged, educated and embraced with a HAND-shake style partnership.

Our South Campus has a long and wonderful history with Bethany Global University which began in 2010 with some Christian Montessori Training courses and an on-site lab school for young children.  In 2015, in partnership with Hand In Hand Christian Montessori, the program expanded to a full-service program for preschoolers through elementary along with an accredited Christian Montessori Training Center serving college students and adult learners, with visions of both stateside and worldwide expansion.

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